Monday, August 22, 2011

Bloody Murder (2000)

*(out of four stars)

I remember renting this flick back in the day. I don't know, something about the cover just intrigued me. Maybe it was the dude in the hockey mask, holding a chain saw that made me pick it up. My first reaction was probably "rip off", and let me tell you. That's exactly what this film is. Nevertheless, Blockbuster video got my money that night... bastards!!! I'm watching this movie for the second time, via Netflix. Shoot me!

I know that the saying "rip off" is universal and thrown around quite often, but holy cow, this movie takes the cake. Bloody Murder is derivative of Friday the 13th and it has a whodunit plot like Scream. The film was made in the late 90's when the whodunit angle was being used over and over and over again. Very, very redundant.

A few teenagers go out to a camp to help set up for the summer. Hmmm. Sound familiar? Meanwhile, a creepy old dude warns them time and time again about Trevor Moorehouse - the local serial killer/legend. Hmmm. Very, very original. I haven't seen that before. At the end of the film, there's a very unclimatic ending where it's finally revealed as to who is walking around in the hockey mask killing the pot smoking, love making, moronic teen.

Not only does this movie steal from the original Friday the 13th and Scream, but it practically rips off the entire Friday the 13 franchise. A girl is pushed off a boat (like in Jason Takes Manhattan) because she can't swim. And in a bit to try and be funny they name the one character Jason. Throughout the whole film you hear the same line, "where's Jason"? I guess it's supposed to be a homage, but it just makes the writing look worse than it already is.

This review is probably the laziest I've done so far. That's because this film's script, acting and overall effect is just unoriginal, uninspiring and lazy. According to IMDB, actress Jessica Morris stated that she hated the film. Too bad she brought nothing to the table either. I'm actually surprised that directer Ralph E. Portillo hasn't been sued.

I would say more but I got nothing...

Starring: Jessica Morris, Peter Guillemette and Patrick Cavanaugh

Directed by: Ralph E. Portillo

Written by: John R. Stevenson

88 min


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