Sunday, November 21, 2010


***1/2(out of 4 stars)

Last night I revisited a little slasher known as "INTRUDER". Man, I miss the gory days of the slasher film and all of its cheesy fun. This film is the last of the great slasher flicks to come out of the 80's. And in my opinion, it's one of the very best of that decade. At least on my top ten list!

When I first came upon this little gem, I saw that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were associated with it. Being a horror fan and seeing those names attached, you're almost enticed to pick it up, regardless. But as I delved into to thin plot and the creative camera shots, this film really stuck with me. Whether it was the first viewing or the last; I'm constantly and thoroughly entertained.

The plot is simple enough: The late night crew at the Malnut Lake supermarket are closing out for the evening. The last of the shoppers are checking out and the workers are ready to start the over night shift. When Craig, (David Byrnes) Jennifer's ex-boyfriend enters the scene a fight ensues and it takes just about the entire shift to fight him off. They throw Craig out of the store, then later, the crew starts getting picked off one by one. Typical slasher formula.

Through dialogue we learn that Craig had a violent past and has actually killed somebody in a bar fight. Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox) fears that Craig (just out of prison) will continue that violent streak. For the rest of the crew, they learn that the store will be sold and that soon they'll all be out of jobs.

There are plenty of familiar faces in this film. Sam Raimi (director of Evil Dead) plays the part of Randy. Randy is a butcher in the store. Sam's brother Ted also stars in this film and we also get to see a very brief cameo by Mr. Bruce Campbell, who appears in the final minutes of the film as a police officer.

Scott Spiegel does a fine job with direction. He's very creative with where the camera is placed. The blend of creative shots, unique kills and that eerie, underlying score is just another reason for me to love this film.

Did I just say unique kills? Well, for being inside of a grocery store, the kills in this film are very memorable. Hell, even if you don't like the film, just watch some of the death scenes. That alone should be enough to pull any gore hound into watching this movie. Greg Nicotero has the job of special FX. You sold on it yet? No. Here's some of the kills. Joe Bob style.

1 eye ball through a nail
1 head crushed inside a box crusher
1 head through a meat slicer
1 machete through the head
1 hook through a throat

Get the picture? Inventive kills. Loved it!

For a slasher film to take place entirely in a grocery store - and still be good is beyond me. I actually really like the concept of the film. And I thought it worked well. For many of the slasher films in the 80's; the teens are running amok in the dark woods, or an unsuspecting, idyllic neighborhood. But a killer targeting the night crew in a grocery store? That's pretty fucking awesome. The only complaint I might give is the ending. But I won't spoil that here. Just check out this film.

Cast: Elizabeth Cox, Sam Raimi, David Byrnes and Danny Hicks.

Written and Directed by: Scott Spiegel