Friday, August 27, 2010

Deth Red Sabaoth

Track listing.
1. Hammer of the Gods
2. The Revengeful
3. Rebel Spirits
4. Black Candy
5. On a Wicked Night
6. Deth Red Moon
7. Ju Ju Bone
8. Night Star Hel
9. Pyre of Souls: Incanticle
10. Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain
11. Left Hand Rise Above

Danzig's newest edition of foreboding evil lies within the tracks of Deth Red Sabaoth. Deth Red Sabaoth is Danzig's ninth studio album. It was in the works for roughly two years and was finally released on June 22, 2010. The album was welcomed by fans, new and old, and received positive reviews from critics.

Some... let me repharse that, most people say, that Danzig hasn't put anything good out since Danzig 4P. I've got an opinion for people like that: They're not true fans. Stop trolling the internet bashing the guy just because you're not happy that he doesn't still work with the original line up. Get over it! Granted, Danzig 5 and Circle of Snakes were weak and lacked for a number of reasons. However, Satan's Child and 777: I Luciferi are pretty damn good albums if you ask me.

With this latest epic, Danzig focused on getting a real sound. He went out and purchased 1970's Kustom tuck and roll bass amps to play the guitars through. He wanted a natural sound that you can't get with modern computer equipment. I'm pretty sure he accomplished that as this sound is different from his previous work.

Danzig stays busy on the album and contributes vocals, piano, guitars and bass. He also drums on the track, Black Candy. Tommy Victor returns with lead guitar, guitars and bass. And Johnny Kelly dutifully commands the drum kit. In my humble opinion, he's the best drummer (for Danzig) to date. Yeah, yeah, I know, most will disagree and say Chuck was but fuck off.

The album opens with the track, Hammer of the Gods. Although this wasn't the best of tracks to open with, it had that classic, big and full chorus that Danzig loves. The next seven tracks are worth my money and not a single one of them are skipped through when I listen to them. The Revengeful is the second track and probably my favorite on the album. The instruments all blend together perfectly and stands out as one of the better tracks. Rebel Spirits has great lyrics and a phenom of a guitar solo in it. Black Candy is simple, yet sinister like only Danzig can do. On a Wicked Night is about death; slow and meaningful with some great guitar work. This song should please any fan of Danzig. Deth Red Moon's chorus is surprisingly reminiscent of the old Misfits and the beginning measures sound a lot like that of his classic song, Mother. Ju Ju Bone could be considered a homage to Elvis and has some of Danzig's best vocals on the album. And Night Star Hel has a black Sabbath feel to it. This song is slow and dirty, yet very full and thick.

The next two songs sound related to his classical Black Aria stuff. I'm not a huge fan of them because they drag on way too long and almost become a bit redundant. But the closing track, Left Hand Rise Above is absolutely the best chosen for the closing track of a great album. Danzig bellows in the chorus, "Left Hand Rise Above" and it is quick to send shivers down the spine of any loyal, true fan.

Danzig has said that this may be his last album. What with record sales and all. I'm just hoping he's not going the route of Rob Zombie and releasing everything via download. Maybe if Rob would put something out decent, we'd buy the shit. But when you got him singing songs like, Sick Bubble Gum, I have to wonder how much he still cares about the product he's putting out.

Deth Red is different though. Here you have a great album and it ties in with most of Danzig's other work. If you're a fan of Danzig's older stuff than you'll be pleased with his return to form. He's back on his throne and he's staying there for quite awhile. And for those of you that said his vocals have become a great thing of the past... you are sadly mistaken. These Danzig vocals are some of his best and a variety for each track.

Go buy this album on my highest recommendation. You won't be disappointed that you did.

Here is a rating of each track.

Excellent ***
Good **
Skip *

Hammer of the Gods - **
The Revengeful - ***
Rebel Spirits - ***
Black Candy - ***
On a Wicked Night - ***
Deth Red Moon - ***
Ju Ju Bone - **
Night Star Hel - ***
Pyre of Souls: Incanticle - *
Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain - *
Left Hand Rise Above - ***

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