Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Films Worth Mentioning.

About two weeks ago I went home to Pennsylvania and visited with friends and family. On the first night, I stopped by my friend's video store. We chatted for a bit; just catching up, nothing more. I was shocked to see that he had Moon on sale for the cheap low price of 4.99. With wide eyes and a sense of fantastical excitement, I picked it up. Not a bad deal for a great film, huh?

That weekend also saw me walking around in Wal-Mart where I got to pick up (for only five bucks) Once Upon a Time in the West. Great western, and if you haven't seen it I suggest you do. Other than that I've been watching films like, City of the Living Dead and Werner Herzog's version of Nosferatu: The Vampyre. I enjoyed both films. Herzog's Nosferatu was astonishing. The atmosphere, lighting and Klinski's portrayal of the Count are a must see for any vampire fans.

Which leads me this next bitch. Whatever happened to vampires who sucked blood and not dick? It's beyond me, but for the past five or six years (and yes, I blame Anne Rice too!) there hasn't been any good Vampire flicks. Just goes to show where films are being taken. I'd say a negative direction. But hey, when all your fans are little kids salavating over Edward and Jacob, who am I too complain? Just a Vampire fan wanting something wicked for a change and less oriented with the sexy man-beasts taking off their shirts the entire film.

So, to the twatlight saga, Fuck YOU!

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