Friday, March 25, 2011

The Majorettes

*1/2(out of 4 stars)

From the mind who brought you Night of the Living Dead and Midnight John Russo's screenplay for The Majorettes is exactly what you might or might not expect from an 80's slasher flick. A hooded figure - brandishing a knife - is picking off the high-school kids one by one. And although this film has it's moments; it falls short by a mile.

Let's start off with some of the characters, shall we. First, we've got Jeff, high school jock and star quarterback. He's hot to trot and is looking forward to possibly making pro. He and his girl are working hard to try and solve the mystery as to who may be killing their friends. Meanwhile, Mace and his group of devil worshiping, biker bad asses are causing all sorts of trouble. Then, there is Helga, a stay at home nurse accompanied by her mentally handicapped son, Roland. They're looking forward to an inheritance from Vicky, whom may be getting the nice chunk of a half million dollars once she turns 18. All the while, we've got a killer on the loose who is slashing the throats of his victims at random.

Beyond all of this, there really is no solid story. Most of the film has naked breast swaying to and fro, and most of the killings are throat slashing, which gets kind of boring. Most 80's slasher flicks work hard to come up with different inventive ways for characters to be offed, but not this one.

It's hard to say, but this film could be one of those, "it's so bad, it's good" movies. The acting is horrible and the editing needs tons of work. Yet, the cheese is grade "A". Quite frankly if you're a slasher nut you should give this movie a try. Although, if you don't want to waste time then skip it. I'd like to think that this movie wasn't intended to be scary, although it really tries hard to jump at you in certain parts. I'd watch this film again just for a good time. But if you're the kind who needs story and good acting, well, consider yourself warned!

Starring: Kevin Kindlin, Terrie Godfrey, Mark V. Jevicky
Screenplay: John Russo
Dir: S. William Hintzman
Run Time: 92 mins

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