Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Horrifics - Now Fear This - CD Review

****(out of four stars)
1. The Overlook
2. Uzumaki
3. That Which Lurks
4. Forever The Night
5. Under My Knife
6. This Hungry Suffering
7. In Dark Descent
8. Do You Remember Hate?!
9. SCAREcrow Fields
10. Go! Go! Godzilla
11. Hell-O Mary Lou
12. Target Earth
13. Dead Kidz
14. Fury Of The Goat-Man
15. R.I.P
16. Shadowcaster
17. The Overlook (Reprise)

I received this Cd in the mail about five years ago. I was over on myspace (remember that place?) and I sent a friend request to Boo Gruesome, singer and partial songwriter for the band. After hearing some tracks on their myspace page I was hooked, but I wanted a little more to chew on, so I ordered the CD, which also came with patches, pins, flyers and stickers. Man, they hooked me up!

I'll admit that before I bought this album I was never a big punk fan. But I love when bands use horror as a main theme to the music. It's the best of both worlds if you ask me. Like I said, after listening to a few of their tracks, I just had to hear more.

I'm really not too educated with a lot of punk so I have nothing to reference them next to. I just know what I hear and if I like it then so be it. The album is fast; as expected, but some of the songs are a bit slower paced, which in my opinion balances this album out nicely.

The album starts out in a fury. Songs like Uzumaki, That Which Lurks and Under My Knife are quick in pace and drive a dagger to the soul immediately. Boo Gruesome's vocals are memorable and stand out from most of the Horror Punk bands out there. Some of my other favorites include, Shadowcaster, SCAREcrow Fields and This Hungry Suffering. I can honestly say that listening to this album from front to back is how I enjoy it the most. There's really not a weak track on the album. I never expected nor did I anticipate this album being this good. However, at the time I wanted something new and fresh to listen to. I will also state that you'll get the best out of this if you listen during this wonderful Halloween season. Now Fear This correlates well with Halloween and October.

Even if you're not into punk, and you like horror, check this record out. The musicianship between the four members is really tight and the sound of the album is crisp and clean. It's not garage style. There's a great professional quality to it. I'm not saying that I hate the raw, demo style. (in fact, I'd love to hear some of The Horrifics demo stuff, which I heard is floating out there somewhere).

A great album that mixes punk and some horror. You can't get any better. Except if it's horror and METAL! Either way, they go great together. If you love the two (and I know you do), check this fucker out!

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