Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lust For Sacrilege by Calabrese - Album Review

***1/2 out of 4 stars

The blood brother trio is back yet again with another hard-hitting, gut punching album.  The new album, Lust for Sacrilege delivers something darker and more sinister than their previous records.  The opening track, The Dark is Who I Am is an indicator to this.  The track is dark, much moodier and atmospheric.  Much like Danzig's more mature endeavors after the Misfits, Calabrese is growing into a sonic monster that lurks in the shadows.

In fact the entire album is really impressive.  There really isn't a weak track.  For me the memorable tracks are Down in Misery, Teenage Crimewave, Serpentflame, and my favorite, Lust for Sacrilege.  Gimme War will take you back to their older, more punk-oriented material.  While a song like Drift Into Dust is undeniably somber.  New York Ripper and Lords of the Wasteland are the heavy hitters that are seriously bombastic and unforgiving.

I hear many compare this album to Danzig's 4, and while I agree to an extent, I hear the influence of Lucifuge too.  With that comparison aside, Calabrese has their own sound; adding more metal into the mix this time around. This album really has a lot to offer to the loyal followers of the band as well as the new listeners.

This is a band who has continued to prove that they only get better with age and experience.  The work on Lust for Sacrilege is a testament to all that.  I'm anticipating a new record because Calabrese is always busy with studio time and touring.  I'm looking forward to anything they put out in the future.

The brothers consist of Bobby on lead guitar and vocals, Jimmy on bass and vocals and drummer Davey.  The trio continue to kill it.

Track list:
1.  The Dark Is Who I Am
2.  Down In Misery
3.  Teenage Crimewave
4.  Flesh and Blood
5.  Lust for Sacrilege
6.  Wanted Man
7.  Serpentflame
8.  Gimme War
9.  New York Ripper
10.  Lords of The Wasteland
11.  Drift Into Dust

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