Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dead Right

***(out of 4 stars)

Dead Right is a Tales from the Crypt episode from the second season. This episode originally aired back in April of '90. It stars Demi Moore and Jeffrey Tambor.

Kathy Finch (Demi Moore) is an attractive secretary. One afternoon on her lunch break she goes to see Madam Vorma, a local psychic. Madam Vorna tells her that she will be fired from her job, but will find one immediately following her termination. Kathy's skeptical and says that it's impossible to be fired because her boss is away. She leaves Madam Vorma, (who's always right) thinking that she's a phony.

In the next scene we see that Kathy's boss has unexpectedly returned from his trip and fires Kathy because she took an extensive lunch brake. Kathy is then hired off the street to work as a waitress in a local strip club.

Realizing Madam Vorma was correct, she goes back to see her. This time Vorma tells Kathy that she will marry a man who will inherit a sufficient sum of money, then, shortly after he will die a violent death. Meanwhile back at the strip club she runs into Charlie Marno, a hefty, grotesque, slob of a man who tries to win Kathy's heart. After repeatedly trying to get her attention (and with the advice of Madam Vorma) Kathy succumbs to Charlie's wishes and goes on a few dates with him. The money hungry Kathy sees this as an lucrative opportunity and marries Charlie; because Vorma said he was the man she would marry. The man with the eventual inheritance.

Later on, Kathy Finch (now Kathy Marno) wins a million dollars for being the millionth customer at a local automat. She hurries home to pack up and leave her obese hubby. Charlie is heart broken and stabs her to death, saying: "If I can't have you, nobody will."

Charlie inherits her money but eventually is put to death for the murder of his wife.

This episode is a classic and always a good one to revisit. I like the acting throughout and I must say that Demi has a set of killer legs on her. I loved the character of Charlie Marno and thought that Jeffrey Tambor did a fine job. In fact, he carried the show for me. I felt bad for the guy as he never gets a good break. He's a sympathetic character, yet oddly comedic at times. The moral message here is money kills. No matter how or where you get it from don't succumb to its power. It will never turn out good for you.

Kathy did win the money but didn't get to enjoy it. Meanwhile, fat Charlie eats his final meal and ends up dead. Nobody wins!

Starring: Demi Moore and Jeffrey Tambor

Screenplay by: Andy Wolk

Directed by: Howard Deutch

Airdate: 4/21/90

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