Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Til Death

*(out of 4 stars)

Logan (D.W. Moffett) is a gold digging developer who's looking to win over a rich widow named, Margaret (Pamela Glen). Logan's got the money, the good looks and the sly talk, but Margaret isn't playing his game.

Logan goes to a voodoo priestess (also his ex-lover) and she hands him a potion. The potion will do the trick; and will make Margaret fall under his spell. The priestess tells him if he uses one drop she will be his, but two will make Margaret fall in love with Logan forever. Later, Logan slips the potion into Margaret's glass and she eventually falls head over heals for him.

Turns out though, Logan gave his sweetie too much of the love potion. Freddy, (Aubrey Morris) a doctor; declares her dead. They bury her and Logan is struck with grief. The decaying Margaret reemerges from the grave to proclaim her love for Logan. After she decapitates Freddy, Logan tries to kill her, but fails.

In the end scene we see the voodoo priestess has tied down Logan and let Margaret show her undying love for the money hungry developer. The scene fades to black as Margaret, now totally decayed, finishes Logan off. So ends another tale of backstabbing treachery.

This episode is okay, but very forgettable and I don't see the average TFTC fan re watching this one. If you're a zombie or voodoo guy or gal, you can go watch other films done a whole lot better. I like the angle played with the potion: Winning the girl's love. I like her dying and coming back and Logan trying to free himself of his lover's grasp. But for some reason, this episode just didn't gel right for me. It missed the mark somewhere along the way. That's all I can really say. Give it a try for yourself, but I assure you there are an abundance of better episodes waiting for your eyes.

Cast: Pamela Glen, D.W. Moffett

Screenplay by: Jeri Barchilon

Directed by: Chris Walas

Airdate: 4/24/90

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