Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cutting Cards

**(out of 4 stars)

Cutting Cards is a Tales from the Crypt episode from the second season. The show was originally aired back in April of 1990.

Reno Crevice, (Lance Henriksen) a hard-nosed redneck and Sam Forney, (Kevin Tighe) a businessman are two rivals who love to gamble. When egos explode the two try to settle the score by a simple game of Russian roulette. The bullet ultimately is revealed to be a dud and both men deny having been responsible for it.

Sam suggest a better game; a game that the two are more familiar with - poker. Money is not at stake in this game of poker though. They are playing for their hands... fingers... and other body parts... literally.

They end up in a small room with two witnesses and a dealer. The cards are dealt and the hands are played. With each win the other loses a finger and so on and so on. Both men risk life and limb to out do the other. By the end of the episode, both men are legless, armless and playing a game of chess with their noses.

This episode is regarded by some fans of the show as one of the best. Although I think it's a good episode I found it kind of boring. It felt too one dimensional and way over the top, even for TFTC standards. What would've been better about this game was a winner. I just wish Reno would've kicked Sam's ass and left him in a pile of putrid flesh.
The acting was good and Lance Henriksen is great as Reno Crevice. The lighting of the episode reminded me of Argento or the Cohens. Blues and reds blanket each scene; giving the picture a nice dreary tone.

Cast: Kevin Tighe and Lance Henriksen

Screenplay by: Mae Woods and Walter Hill

Directed by: Walter Hill

Airdate 4/21/90


  1. I haven't seen this episode, but I do agree it would've been better if there were a winner.

    Maybe the directors were trying to send a message about the senselessness of their "tough guy" acts.

    This seems to be a story about narcissism at it's best, of course that word is used loosely.

    Good post.

  2. Egos clash in this one. I find entertainment in most of these episodes - so I don't want anyone to think that I'm saying it totally sucked. I will say there are some ten times better. The one called "'til death" is the worst so far.